Why AOC?

Clients choose us for many reasons, but we hear that our success is due to our approach. Our dedication to the client experience is why our clients consider us their Preferred Research Partner.


Our knowledge and experience ensures confidence. No last minute stress.

“I choose AOC because I know they produce quality and follow the same rigorous standards that I demand at my facility.”
Chelle Precht – Complete Research Connection


Our communication, attention to detail and flexibility provides a seamless process.

“AOC is so attentive to detail that I can rest easy knowing things are covered.   I can focus on my clients, moderating and the big picture, not getting bogged down with logistics.  It makes my job so much easier!”
Joyce Bonevac – Peridot Qualitative Research


Our reliable on-site recruiting delivers honest, valuable insights.

“AOC has the best recruiting of all of the facilities I use.  Participants always meet our criteria and the show rate is phenomenal.”
Gayle Ireland – Voccii, LLC


We take care of you and your clients so you can focus on conducting the research.

“The personal touch and warmth of the staff at AOC is its major differentiator. I always see my project manager when I arrive for my groups. It amazes me that in so many facilities, my project manager is just a voice on the phone, at best.  They are owner-operated with owners visible and engaged.”
Bev Kothe – Bev Kothe Qualitative Research


AOC is convenient and accessible with a diverse population of consumers and professionals.

“The location is great. You are easy to reach.  One week in advance I know everything is under control and at the moment of the focus group I do not have to do any last-minute activity (fixing audio, TV or worry about attendees).”
Cesar Balda – AC&M Group


Our facilities are welcoming and inspiring.

“I love that I’m not working with a conglomerate, but a team of closely united individuals. They make me feel like one of the family when I’m there and I love that. I appreciate relationships.”
Candy Parks – Integrated Insight, Inc.

Find Out What Our Clients Have to Say.

“AOC is the best focus group facility I have used.  Anywhere.  From recruiting to staff to physical facilities it is the best around.”
– Riley Kirby, IMR Research Group, Inc.

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