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AOC Marketing Research conducts studies using a variety of research methodologies including telephone & webcam interviews, online focus groups, bulletin boards, mobile ethnographies and more.

By leveraging our cost-effective partners, your team can keep a pulse on the shift of consumer sentiments, purchasing patterns and behaviors to identify emerging needs. From project kick-off to implementation, your dedicated research manager will ensure your project is a success.

Meet Our Partners


Forsta Revelation is an online qualitative research platform using social media style interactions. Participants share their thoughts, feelings, along with photographs and video, which deliver insights into their lives. Forsta InterVu offers online focus group and webcam interviewing, with a backroom for observers to take notes, chat with each other or the moderator, and a time synced marking tool for quick analysis after project completion. Present stimuli, share or mark-up screens, conduct polls and more. Forsta Live Video is the live-streaming solution clients use across the globe.


Streamline Universal offers online focus group and webcam interviewing using hi-def recording. Present stimuli, share screens, upload images and video, chat, draw and more. Streamline is also the live-streaming solution clients use across the globe.

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