About AOC

AOC Marketing Research specializes in recruiting and implementing focus groups, in-depth interviews, large-quota taste tests, central location tests, home-usage tests, mock juries and other research in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founded in 1986, AOC is an owner-operated facility with a focus on quality recruiting and service. Our goal is to exceed client expectations from project proposal through completion. Our continued dedication to the client experience is why our clients consider us their Preferred Research Partner.


Meet Our Team


Cathleen Christopher / Owner / Director of Operations

Since Cathleen joined AOC in 2007, she has been focused on streamlining processes, maximizing productivity, and creating opportunities for the team to be successful. Her primary objective is to anticipate the needs of each client to ensure the best experience possible. Cathleen is a member of the Insights Association, is IPC certified, and is a ServSafe Manager.


Jeanette Hardy / Project Manager / Assistant Operations Manager

Jeanette joined AOC in 2022 and is responsible for managing project activities and supporting Cathleen with business operations. Jeanette uses strategic thinking and masterfully synthesizes information to effectively manage her projects. She enjoys building relationships with clients, respondents, and the staff, and utilizes her extensive and diverse experience to ensure all her projects are implemented seamlessly. Jeanette is a ServSafe Manager and is ServSafe Alcohol certified.


Betty Collins / Owner Emeritus

Throughout her 30+ years in the industry, Betty experienced almost every phase of marketing research at the field service level. Betty’s passion for marketing research and commitment to excellence set the standard at AOC.


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