What are researchers saying about AOC?


AOC is hands-down my favorite facility and has the best recruiting of all of the facilities I use. Participants always meet our criteria and the show rate is phenomenal. Project management and recruiting is always efficient and accurate. The rooms and client suites are comfortable and easy to work in, and the team is just the best – very attentive and attuned to the needs of the clients and the moderators. I’m always excited to be able to bring a new client to AOC; and when I tell a client (who has used AOC before) that I will be using AOC for their Charlotte projects, I often hear that “sigh of relief” as they realize their project is in good hands!

Gayle Ireland
Voccii, LLC

AOC provides CONSISTENTLY high-quality recruits, high show rates, and impeccable service while we are in house. If they are not available, I’ll shift my dates rather than go elsewhere. They are extremely professional yet friendly, and their recruitment (and resulting show rate) is absolutely stellar. They have never, and I mean NEVER failed to deliver. I love that I’m not working with a conglomerate, but a team of closely united individuals. They make me feel like one of the family when I’m there and I love that. I appreciate relationships.

Candy Parks
Integrated Insight, Inc.

AOC definitely feels like a family-run company, in the best way. Not some big conglomerate where we, as a client, are just a number. We love how AOC is able to consistently recruit quality participants according to our screeners. They are also very easy to work with in the planning stages, and are very kind and accommodating at the facility during the study.

Paul Naddaff

Reliability in a facility’s recruiting and on-site client service is the very most important thing to this moderator’s peace of mind and is a major component of a project’s success. AOC has never failed to measure up and they have become the standard by which I judge my facility experience in other markets. The personal touch and warmth of the staff at AOC is its major differentiator. I always see my project manager when I arrive for my groups. It amazes me that in so many facilities, my project manager is just a voice on the phone, at best. They are owner-operated with owners visible and engaged.

Bev Kothe
Bev Kothe Qualitative Research

AOC is the best focus group facility I have used. Anywhere. From recruiting to staff to physical facilities it is the best around.

Riley Kirby
IMR Research Group, Inc.

The location is great. You are easy to reach. One week in advance I know everything is under control and at the moment of the focus group I do not have to do any last-minute activity (fixing audio, TV or worry about attendees).

Cesar Balda
AC&M Group

AOC is so attentive to detail that I can rest easy knowing things are covered. I can focus on my clients, moderating and the big picture, not getting bogged down with logistics. It makes my job so much easier!

Joyce Bonevac
Peridot Qualitative Research

I choose AOC because I know they produce quality and follow the same rigorous standards that I demand at my facility. EVERY time I work with AOC, I’m comfortable having recommended you to the client and know they will be happy when they leave your facility.

Chelle Precht
Complete Research Connection

I always bid out projects to say we did our due diligence, but AOC consistently comes in on par or under, and I know we are getting a great facility with great service. Inevitably our clients change their minds a million times before focus group day. AOC has always been great about helping us accommodate what we can!

Shannon English
Keynote Consulting, LLC

Amazing respondents, nice facility, good food and hostesses who were on top of things for the entire visit. You might think these are all standard things to be expected of any facility, but I have been moderating for 25 years and it is rare to find it.

Barbara Cintado
BRC Consumer Research