Join the AOC Team!

Are you:

A parent who wants to work part-time primarily during school hours?

A retiree who wants to remain active in the workplace, but does not want a full-time job?

A local student seeking office, marketing, or research experience?

Someone with a part-time job who wants another job that can work around their schedules?

Someone who wants to contribute and earn money, but doesn’t want to be tied down to a regular work schedule?

If so, a Part-Time, As Needed position, may be a great fit for you! The schedule for these office-based positions is based on our project load, so if we have several projects to complete in a given week, we will schedule staff as many hours as they are available. When the project load lightens, we may only schedule staff for a few hours a week, or not at all. Because we ask for so much flexibility, we are very flexible with scheduling. 

If you are interested in either of these positions, please send a resume or a summary of your experience to and let us know which position interests you, why your skills and experience would be a good fit, and why the part-time as-needed schedule would work for you.