Join the AOC Team!

Are you:

A parent who wants to work part-time primarily during school hours?

A retiree who wants to remain active in the workplace, but does not want a full-time job?

A local student seeking office, marketing, or research experience?

Someone with a part-time job who wants another job that can work around their schedules?

Someone who wants to contribute and earn money, but doesn’t want to be tied down to a regular work schedule?

If so, a Part-Time, As Needed position, may be a great fit for you! The schedule for these office-based positions is based on our project load, so if we have several projects to complete in a given week, we will schedule staff as many hours as they are available. When the project load lightens, we may only schedule staff for a few hours a week, or not at all. Because we ask for so much flexibility, we are very flexible with scheduling. 

Part-Time Positions Include:


Recruiter: Do you enjoy talking to people on the phone as a primary part of your job?  If so, you may be a good fit for our Recruiting team. A Recruiter is primarily responsible for contacting consumers by phone and screening them to participate in paid research studies. Flexible weekday hours typically between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm; occasional evenings are required.


Client Services Associate: Do you have a knack for planning the details of meetings, events or parties? Have you been told you’re a natural when it comes to entertaining? If so, you may be a great fit for our Client Services team. The primary responsibility of this position is to handle the details so that our clients and participants are happy and productive during their visits with us. Other responsibilities include preparing the facility for client visits, checking-in clients and research participants, handling client requests, ordering, setup and clean-up of catered food for clients and research participants, providing general administrative support including the management of incoming calls, greeting visitors, preparing materials and packages, and other tasks as assigned.

Flexible hours from early morning through the late evening, primarily on weekdays. Availability during all parts of the day strongly preferred.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please send a resume or a summary of your experience to and let us know which position interests you, why your skills and experience would be a good fit, and why the part-time as-needed schedule would work for you.