At AOC Marketing Research, the safety and well-being of our respondents, clients, and staff is our number one priority.


Here’s a glimpse of what our clients have to say:


“I appreciate AOC’s attention to the COVID protocols. The seating arrangements for participants were excellent, and the attention to airflow and air sanitizing clearly helped the participants feel comfortable.” – Jacob Peetoom: Senior Research Manager at rsEdge


“AOC’s attention to detail, rigorous cleaning procedures, social distancing measures, and safety equipment made me feel even safer than I expected.  Movement of health-screened participants is carefully managed to maintain social distance; surfaces are cleaned regularly and thoroughly; and they pay strict attention to air quality.  I applaud AOC for their creative, intelligent safety practices – I would encourage any moderator or facilitator to use this facility without hesitation!” – Gayle Ireland: CEO & Research Director of Voccii


See what our respondents have to say:


There was adequate social distancing.

“This was by far one of the best & safest environments I have been to since the pandemic began.”

5 Stars


I felt safe on-site and comfortable participating.

“They did an outstanding job keeping everyone safe and followed the CDC guidelines as well as the state mandates. All of the extra steps that AOC has taken has truly made me feel safe while participating in the study.”

5 Stars


The staff followed and enforced safety protocols.

“The staff went above and beyond to keep everyone safe.”

5 Stars


The facility was clean and sanitized.

“The staff was diligent in safety and sanitizing measures. I have been to medical facilities with less stringent safety and sanitation measures. I really enjoyed participating in this study!”

5 Stars