Client Quotes

We appreciate feedback so that we can improve our services and recognize our staff.  Upon completion of every project, we ask our clients if there was anything we could’ve done to improve their experience with us.  The following quotes are recent responses to that question.  These quotes are edited only to remove study-specific and other identifying information.

“THANK YOU!!!! My team can’t stop saying how awesome you and your staff are! They were really impressed with how accommodating you all were and what a great recruiting job you did—as well as the amazing facility.”

“You are without a doubt the best agency in Charlotte (and one of the best I’ve dealt with anywhere) and I’d love to send all our business your way again.”

“We love the facility.  We loved the professionalism.  This is the way it should be - EFFORTLESS.  And that was because you ladies were on it; prepared, responsive and ANTICIPATIVE (something we appreciate and come to rely on in a facility partner).”

 “All the clients were very happy, they said it was a great group, great facility.  One client said it was probably the best groups they ever had.”

“It was my pleasure to be at your facility.  I have been to several facilities and I put you with the best of them.  Your recruiting was excellent, your facility was accommodating and the staff was exceptional.”

Moderator’s comments to Field Director:  “AOC was a pleasure to work with.  The staff was very professional and responsive to client needs, they appeared ready and willing to satisfy any requests.  Everything asked in advance by the clients was exactly as ordered, you know you have to have the  . . .  The facility itself is easy to locate, and up to date.  The back room can comfortably hold 10-12 observers with no problem.  All in all, I would recommend AOC to clients without hesitation based on this one experience.  One more thing.  The recruiting.  Undoubtedly they did a fantastic job.  Out of three groups (18 total), there was only one no show/cancellation. The respondents were all rescreened as they were welcomed.  Three great groups.”

“My experience with every facet of the AOC operation was nothing short of stellar.  I congratulate you.  We will be back (I tried to convince a client today to go to Charlotte) and I will endorse you whenever possible.”

“. . . and just wanted to send you both a note thanking you for helping us flawlessly execute our project.   Please also pass along our thanks to Amanda, who did a great job as our hostess for all 3 days.  The clients were thrilled with everything.  They commented specifically about the “great” recruit (very diverse), that all 30 interviews were completed, that respondents arrived promptly, and that we had very few no-shows.“

“Thank you so much for your help in making our project a huge success.  We couldn't be more happy and our clients were delighted.  I am glad that we found you, as we will defer any and all future business in the Charlotte market to you!”

“I heard only good things about the groups.  . . . said they went very well.  He was extremely pleased with the recruiting and said you all went out of your way to make their experience a great one!  Happy moderator + happy clients = successful project!  We look forward to working with you again, hopefully soon!”

“Everyone has been great.  The whole system has gone well.  THANK YOU FOR BEING our partners.  We have to make sure you guys are on our website as one of our favorite partners.”

“We really appreciate everything you did to make our study a success.  . . . came back with glowing reviews of your facility, staff and service.  Thanks very much for all of your great work.“

“I had an email waiting for me this morning from . . .  He had only high praise for your staff and for how well the project was managed from the respondents recruited to the servers delivering the products being tested.  There was not one negative comment!  Our clients are typically hard to please and they were also complimentary of the facility, the kitchen and the staff so I believe they will want to come back for future projects.  Thanks to all for a job well done!  I will recommend your facility to anyone considering Charlotte as a market for CLT's.“

“I just wanted to let you know that I showed what you put together for our field work to the rest of the project managers and they were very impressed with it.  You guys did a great job and I am sure we will work with you again in the future when we have a project in your area. Not only was the field packet perfectly presented, but they were also happy to hear you did not ping us on every part of the recruit, such as needing maps or having to make some changes on the fly. 
In any case positive feedback is sometimes hard to come by so I wanted to relay all of that to you. I look forward to working with you and your organization again,”

“This study was EXCELLENT! I truly have no clue how you found us such great participants, so thank you! Everyone was articulate, had their homework and showed up on time. I think they all enjoyed themselves too.”

“I wish I could clone AOC. You are the best I’ve ever worked with.”

“Thank you so much for all your work to make this study a success.  We know it was difficult, your diligence made it happen. We really appreciate it and please let your staff know as well. Especially the recruiters...they certainly had a challenge with this one.  We certainly hope to work with you again and will refer your company in the future.”

“Thanks again!! It was great to work with you.  You are absolutely top notch!”

 “I wanted to thank you again for everything.  The show rate was great, the respondents were high quality and you were of course very organized.  We hope to work with you again very soon.”

“It was great to meet you and your team last week, as well.  From my perspective, everything went well.  I was especially pleased with the quality of participants that you recruited.  Thanks again for making our day a relatively stress-free experience.  I will, of course, be happy to book AOC Research whenever I can schedule for Charlotte.”  

“THANK YOU so much again for going the extra mile today to make everything go so smoothly; as they say, you're a "quick study" and just plain "got it", taking soo much off my shoulders such that a day with 4 two-hour groups all became manageable.
Your recruiting was excellent and you kept me current with great daily updates
All around top notch
Enjoyed working with you
Thanks again”

“We were very pleased with the facility and the quality of the recruits.  Thanks for all your help. You guys were fantastic.  If we're ever back in Charlotte, you'll be my first call.”

“You, your facility, and your team were fabulous for us on Monday for our focus groups!

  • Your recruiting was top-notch.  Every single respondent was perfect.
  • Your facility was great – easy, clean, and pleasant.
  • You met every need we had that evening.  I like to think of myself as pretty low-maintenance, but it seems like there’s always something.  You had everything we needed.
  • You and your team treated us with great care.  Honestly, I felt like I was a guest in your home.  The fact that Cathleen volunteered to drive us to our hotel prevented us from waiting another 30 minutes for a cab when our original hotel shuttle plan failed us.  That meant a lot after the long day of traveling and focus groups.  And you took the time to pack up a “boxed dinner” for me when you knew I did not have a chance to eat.  That sandwich truly hit the spot at 11:00 that night—you have no idea how nice that was!
  • The packet you sent me home with (paperwork, DVDs, etc.) was a nice touch.  It just made everything seem so organized, and it reinforced the great impression I already had of AOC.
  • And the driver you recommended, Paul Neal, was great—on time, professional, and friendly.  (I’ll be holding onto his card for sure!)

Thank you to you and your team for a wonderful experience in Charlotte. You are second to none. I don’t often have the opportunity to conduct focus groups in Charlotte, but I promise you next time I do, they will be at AOC.“

 “Thanks for all the help on an impossible recruit. You made it work once again!”

“Please allow me to compliment you on the quality of participants that you sent our way for this study. We knew this was a hard recruit and you really came through for us.  We had excellent participation at every session and gained some really valuable insights.”

“Thanks for the great work.  I heard from our moderator today who said great facility, great staff and great recruits.  Our clients were very happy too!”

“First of all, thank you for everything!  You guys were great and the respondents were wonderful.  We didn't have one dud out of the bunch.  That is really unusual.  Everyone was articulate and, I felt, very honest in their feedback.”

“Everything went very well in Charlotte.  The facility was wonderfully organized and helpful.  Lots of great Southern hospitality!  The directions and packets for the in-homes were the most organized that I have ever seen.  Not one team had one problem with the in-homes, which you know is a rarity!”

“Everything was wonderful!! The recruit, the facility, the people.  Many thanks for all of your help on this study.”

“Thank you for a great job.  Everyone was extremely pleased with the quality of recruiting, the show rates were fantastic, the staff was very helpful and facility was perfect. Hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.”

“Just wanted to reinforce what a wonderful time I had last week working at your facility.  Would have loved to prolong the study and work there for another week.  Again thank you all for your professionalism and that warm southern hospitality.”

“Well we've finished talking to all the respondents!  The last in depth interview went really well.  Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at AOC for their kind help.  The recruit was great!  It was lovely meeting you and hope to work with you again in the future.”

“Thanks! We’ll definitely be back if we have any more groups in Charlotte. You guys really helped in making this project a success. “

“I want to take a moment to thank you for working with us on this project.  I am very pleased with the professionalism, kindness, and organization of your staff.”